We received an acknowledgement from the Pope!

On the 9th of September John Wijngaards sent to the Pope, via the Secretariate of State, the full text of the Declaration on Authority in the Church in both English and Spanish. To both versions of the Declaration all the academic signatures were attached.

Below is a photocopy of the letter received from Archbishop Angelo Becciu. A translation in English follows.

letter from Archbishop Becciu

Here is an English translation of the letter, with a footnote.

Secretariat of State
First Section
General Affairs

To Dr John Wijngaards

Vatican, 19 September 2013

Esteemed [brother?] in the Lord,

I comply with the order to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 9th inst.,
addressed to the Holy Father, Frances,
in order to send him some reflections signed by various theologians.

For the moment, I thank you for sending that letter, whose contents have been seen with due interest.

I take this occasion to express my consideration and esteem in Christ.

+ Angelo Becciu


Archbishop Angelo Becciu[WIKIPEDIA says: “The Substitute for General Affairs usually meets with the Pontiff each day to handle the business of the Vatican, and his position might be compared roughly with that of a White House chief of staff.”]