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  Dr Marcella M.

On not Looking like Christ ... Catholic Women's Ordination July/August 2000

  300 parish priests
in Austria
....openly refusing to comply with
the Church's lack of reform. They call for
'disobedience' in seven key areas.



  Gregory Baum The Credibility of the Church Today from The Credibility of the Church, Burns & Oates Limited, 1968

  Belgian Catholic theologians What Are You Still Doing in This Church?

La Libre Belgique, April 21, 2009 (English translation)
  Pope Benedict XVI Incredible 'Infallibility' Claim

Pope Benedict's note to Cardinal Re, 2009
Angela Berlis

Catholic of Course

Talk given at an GOP Congress in Utrecht, 2010

  Archbishop Róbert Bezák
of Trnava

The Vatican dismisses another Bishop
without due process

  Fr Harry Bohan Irish Church must “change or die”

The Irish Catholic, February, 2010
  Roger de Borger Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI Honorary Secretary General of the Belgian federal government

  Kari Elisabeth Børresen Religion Confronting Women’s Human Rights:
The Case of Roman Catholicism

Ch.24 in Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief, ed. Tore Lindholm e.a., Derk Book, the Hague, 2001.

  Roy Bourgeois

Second Canonical Warning.

Letter from his Superior General, 2011

  Roy Bourgeois

Letter in response to his Second
Canonical Warning

Letter to his Superior General and his community, 2011

  Roy Bourgeois

My Journey from Silence to Solidarity

Personal statement, 2012

  Henri Boulad, S.J. S.O.S. for Today’s Church

A Personal Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

  Veronica Brady 'The God of Small Things':
God, Women and the Question of Power

Basic newsletter, 2000
  Hubert and Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhan

Letter to Pope Benedict XVI The Tablet June 2012
  Peter Burns Women’s Ordination and Infallible
Teaching, An Inquiry.
Was the Teaching Infallible?
BASIC Newsletter, 1997.

Brendan Callaghan

Safe Church - Lessons from the Child Abuse Events and How They have been Handled

Living Theology 2011, Keynote speech

  James Carroll

Mandatory celibacy at the heart
of what's wrong

National Catholic Reporter

  Joe Cecil

Public Petition to the Bishops for Women Priests

  Joan Chittister

A Pope the Laity Want

The National Catholic Reporter (1999)

  John Chuchman

I am Catholic

New Catholic Times, June 2010

  Mary Coloe Women were there at the Last Supper, they were therefore at the first altar

June 2011

Paul Collins

Papal Power

Harper Collins 1997

  Mary Condren Latest Vatican document is final straw for women

The Irish Times, July, 2010.
  Dr Luca Badini

Democracy in the Christian Church (chapter 6 only online)

Review by Professor John Sullivan, Liverpool Hope University, August 2012
  Joseph M. Connors Synod ’74: Success or Failure?

America, November 30, 1974
  Council of Constance “An ecumenical council is superior to the
pope in matters of faith and governance”

  Charles E. Curran ‘We cannot put our heads in the sand’

National Catholic Reporter, Sept. 2010




  Dirkje Donders The Tenacious Voice of Women, Rie Vendrik
and the Pontifical Commission On Women in
Society and in the Church


  Cardinal Timothy M.Dolan

The Church and Accountability

Catholic New York, 8 September 2012

  Dowling Dowling Criticises Leadership of Church

James Roberts, The Tablet, July 2010



  Mgr John Egan Use the Gifts God Gives.
'I look at my Church and tremble'.

National Catholic Reporter, June, 2001



  Seán Fagan

What Happened to Sin?

The Columba Press, 2008




  Maureen Gaffney All change - how Ireland turned its back on dogma

The Irish Times, September, 2010

  Jeannine Gramick The Place of Silencing in the Teaching
of the Church

Presentation delivered at Haverford College, Philadelphia, PA, Sept. 16, 2000




  Herbert Haag Preface : An Unresolved Enquiry

From Infallible by Hans Küng 1989 edition
  Bernard Haering A Letter to the Pope. 'The magisterium has
become a battle-cry of intransigent people'.

The Tablet, June 1990
  Hermann Haering The Torch of Renewal : The snare has been
broken , and we have escaped (Psalm 124.7)

GOP Congress in Utrecht, October 2010
  Bishop John Heaps A Love that Dares to Question, Published by Canterbury Press, 2001. pp. 35-38.

  Bernard Hoose (ed.) Authority in the Roman Catholic Church.
Theory & Practice
. (book)

Ashgate 2002
  Cardinal Basil Hume The Council stressed papal primacy and collegiality

The Catholic Herald, July 1999
  Peter Hünermann Assessment of ‘Ordinatio Sacerdotalis’

Frauen Ordination, pp. 145-146.



  Pope Innocent III

Rejection of the Magna Carta

Etsi Karissimus in Christo, 1215










  Michael Keane The Call of Conscience. The dilemma of the Christian in a totalitarian church

BASIC Newsletter, Spring 2003
  James Kottoor Just Follow Jesus!
Forget Priesthood, no Biblical Base!

  Hans Küng

Women's Ordination and Infallibility,

The Tablet, 1995

  Hans Küng

Kung urges peaceful revolution against
Roman absolutism at ACC conference

National Catholic Reporter Online, Jun. 2011

  Tom Kyle

Accountability - Why is it Important?

Adapted from Catholicism at the Crossroads, Paul Lakeland, Continuum, NY, 2007




  Nicholas Lash Confusion over infallibility . (For background
information see Benedict XVI above

Letter in The Tablet June 2012
  Nicholas Lash

On Not Inventing Doctrine.

Letter in The Tablet, December 1995

  Bishop Raymond A. Lucker
Talks with Bishop Raymond A. Lucker

The American Catholic January/February 2001 issue

  Marie-Thérèse van Lunen Chénu and Louise Wentholt

The Status of Women in the Code of Canon Law
and in the United Nations Convention

Praxis juridique et religion 1 (1984) pp. 7-18.



  Fr. Camilo Macisse

Violence in the Church,

The Tablet, November, 2003

  John Mahoney S.J.

The Impact of Humanae Vitae
from The Making of Moral Theology,
A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition

The Martin D’Arcy Memorial Lectures 1981-2
published by the Clarendon Press. Oxford (1989)

  Stephen Mason

Authority vs control? - a comment

in a personal email to Housetop, 2012

  Joseph Mattam SJ

Being Church in Asia:
New Evangelization and Challenges

Asian Conference on New Evangelization,Sept. 2012, Pune
  Joseph Mattam SJ

Clergy-Laity divide in the Church

New Leader, (Chennai, India,) July 2012

  Richard McBrien

Bishops and the Pope

National Catholic Reporter, June 2011


Muzzling the Theologians

The Tablet, March 1999

  Richard McCormick Theologians and the Magisterium From Corrective Vision, Explorations in Moral Theology, Sheed & Ward, 1994, Chapter 7.

  Charles McMahon The Case for Electing Catholic Bishops

October 11, 2006

  Charles McMahon On the Role of Women in the
Roman Catholic Church

November, 2006

  John Merrigan Infallibility?! On what grounds?!
(For background information
see Benedict XVI above

Letter in the Tablet, June 2012
  Dr. Aaron Milavec Reflections on the Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests


  Bishop William Morris

Pope Benedict removes a Bishop for speaking
about women's ordination

  Bishop William Morris

Pastoral Letter of Bishop William M Morris,
Bishop of Toowoomba, Australia

  Nelson H Minnich The voice of theologians in general councils from Pisa to Trent

Theological Studies vol. 59, 1998

  Klaus Nientiedt ‘How Binding? “Ordinatio sacerdotalis” unleashes debate on the Magisterium’

Herder Korrespondenz, 1996
(English translation)



  Joseph F. O'Callaghan

Why Not Elect Our Bishops?

Published by the American Catholic Council

  Jospeh S. O'Leary


The Furrow, August 1985.

  Ladislas Örsy

‘Infallibility Explored’ - Professor Örsy replies

Céide (Ireland), 1999

  Ladislas Örsy

The Church: Learning & Teaching

Michael Glazier, 1987

  Fr Owen O'Sullivan

Where are the Priest-Prophets?

The Furrow, 2003




  Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarpo Lisbon Cardinal Speaks out
on Women Priests

Taken from 28th June 2011

Q Emeritus Archbishop John R. Quinn Governance in the Legacy of
Vatican Council 11

 National Catholic Reporter 11th March 2013







  Joseph Ratzinger

Infallibility Explored

Céide (Ireland), 1999

  Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Bishop: Total re-examination of
Catholic faith, culture needed

National Catholic Reporter. March 2012
  Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Two Reports of Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s U.S. Tour

CN Catholic News, June 2008
  Aruna Rodrigues A Wounded Body of Christ -
Is There ‘Life’ Without Women?

  Pastor Joseph Rodrigues Understanding Biblical Authority

Explore Your Faith Teaching Series - Explo-15 (?2006)



  Virginia Saldanha
A Vision of the Church for the Future

Asian Horizons, September 2015

  A.W. Richard Sipe

Scandal vs. crisis; PR vs. raw data

National Catholic Reporter, July 2010

  Der Spiegel The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI

Der Spiegel 15th June 2012
  David Stagaman SJ

Piet Fransen’s Research on Fides et Mores

Theological Studies, 64, 2003, pp. 69-77

  Bishop Reinholdt Stecher

Deficiencies of the Church’s present Leadership

The Tablet, 1998
English translation

  Edward Stourton (BBC)

The history of Humanae Vitae
  Francis Sullivan Guideposts from Catholic tradition.
Infallibility doctrine invoked in statement
against ordination by Congregation
for the Doctrine of the Faith

The Tablet, 1995
  Francis Sullivan

Recent theological observations on
magisterial documents and public dissent

Theological Studies, 1997
  Professor Dr Leonard Swidler Professor Dr Leonard Swidler outlines
the areas in which the Catholic Church
should adopt democratic principles

See video online





Trent Launches World Revolution
in Theology

National Catholic Reporter ( )Sept. 2010







  Marie Louise Uhr

Obedience a Questionable Virtue

St. Mark's Review, 1998

  Marie Louise Uhr

Admission of Women to the Priesthood
Barriers and Boundaries

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

For the 20th Anniversary of
the installation of John Paul II

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Opening of first national gathering

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Papal Obituary

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

The Church and the Media

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Shifting Domestic Images of Church

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Speaking Out - the role of OCW

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Staying faithful through dissent

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

The Church and the Media - Lecture
given at Uni House

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Janet Uhr

The participation of Women in the
Catholic Church in Australia

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

The Portrayal of Women in the Lectionary

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Women and the Church - a case of discrimination

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Women speak out - Catholic Voice Oct 1988

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia

  Marie Louise Uhr

Working for Women's Ordination

Uhr archive in National Library of Australia













  John Wijngaards

Christ's Idea of Authority

Available to purchase online

  John Wijngaards

Spiritual Leadership and Self Reliance


  John Wijngaards

We need a Pope able to think, willing to learn

National Catholic Reporter, March 2013

  John Wijngaards

Women Bishops? Views in the Roman
Catholic Church, Official and Otherwise,


  Peter Wilkinson The Wilkinson Report, on the shortage of priests
the Catholic Church is facing in Australia.

First published at www.catholica, March 2011

  Susan Wood The Sacramentality of Episcopal Consecration

Theological Studies, 51, no.3, 1990
  Alain Woodrow

Free speech in the Church

The Tablet, June 1998

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