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The church is too hung up on questions of,
1. morality, (e.g. homophobia, contraception)
2. organisation, (e.g. women * * *, celibate * * * or married * * *.) People are making decisions about these things irrespective of the church’s teaching.
I am more interested in questions of faith and in the interpretation of the Bible (as in the Readings at Mass) applied to present-day life.I am very lucky to experience this in the Augustinian Church in New Ross. The * * * there speak in a humble (not didactic) way. I feel that they are seeking meaning along with me. It is very uplifting. Somehow they seem to have found the perfect formula.The absolute authority of the Pope and the accompanying parade of his vassals are remnants of a bygone age. This is the age of democracy. I applaud the resignation of Pope Benedict. It is giving good example to the remaining dictators in the world.My vision: democratic and holy.

the word religion scares many. it caergorises people into boxes. I would not consider myself a good practising Catholic. Spirituality is more open. we should be a people of joy, solidarity hope been inclusive. a people of political spiritual conscious. standing in solidarity with people who are political social economic alienated. I believe in the Spirituality of Francis of Assisi. Islam which is not about fatwas, control domination. Islam which is about solidarity. Liberation Theology. Feminine Spirituality. sense of humour. prophetic prohets like Romero Of El Salvador. * * * Spirituality

Added: February 19, 2013

I think a prime example of abuse of authority is contained in a article by Monica Clarke in National Catholic Reporter dated Jun 20th 2011 entitled ‘Parishioners protest bishop over pastor’s changes’.
The article describes how parishioners of St. Joseph the Worker Church in Berkeley, California tried in vain to get the attention of the Bishop to voice their concerns over the actions by their pastor of 2 years, Fr. John Direen, that they say are detrimental to parish life. They have sent hundred of letters and a delegation to the chancery without results.
These include disbanding the parish and finance councils, limiting participation of El Consejo Latino (the Spanish-speaking advisory council), removing the social justice committee from a list of parish ministries, turning the parish’s primary meeting space into a religious gifts store, and asking a respected resident priest to move.
The number of issues raised in this article illustrate why there needs to be a complete overhaul of the power structure in the church giving more voice to the laity.
What do you think?

Added: November 22, 2012

What I long to see is equalaity in our church. Freedom for women priest dignity and acceptance for * * * people and divorced people to receive sacraments.
Do away with all the pomp and ceremony and get down to the basic facts of what Jesus taught. The arrogance of some * * * is embarassing. Bit more humility for the Pope and George Pell would be nice. I am 80 years of age and no longer go to Mass these past 10 years because of my disillusionment of the heirachy and treatment of others. including Birth control which is none of the church’s businessespecially in countried like South America and Africa. The Catholic church is causing much pain to its people after all we are told THE PEOPLE ARE THE CHURCH.

Added: November 19, 2012

I would like to see the Church giving full equal rights to women and men as Jesus had given the same rights and respects to women and men during His time. I believe if Jesus would be present here today, he would condemn lots of Church hierarchies for their immoral acts against children, women and humanity. Just to cover up the guilty criminals the Church hierarchies blame the women for none of their faults. This is happening in the same way as we see in the story of the first sin committed by Adam and Eve. Adam ate the apple but he blamed Eve not taking any personal responsibility on his own shoulder. Adam was give full conscious to judge good and bad and he did not have to listen to Eve. This is the patriarchal tendency for men to blame women for every evil they commit.
I also believe that is women and men could be together to serve the Church with equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, there would be less crimes in the Church.
Other than this, we all know that priestly celibacy is something eye-wash today. Many * * * enjoy sexual enjoyment in various different ways. Rarely, if we be really sincere and truthful, a real and true celibate priest will be found in our Church. So why cheat people externally?
Therefore, I feel strongly that the Church should permit * * * to marry and women should be ordained to serve the Church with equal right, dignity and opportunity.

Added: November 10, 2012

It is good to see the additions on a daily basis to the signatories agreeing with the principles of this site pointing to a Vision of a future Church. I am reading and enjoying the insightful book by Mary McAleese on the complexity of attitudes to collegiality in the Catholic Church. I recommend her book, “Quo Vadis” which I am sure helps situate many of the issues which need to be addressed if a Vision of a future Church is to make practical progress.

Added: November 9, 2012

Bishops are not franchise managers for the Roman pontiff. The sooner they take responsibility for their vocation as shepherds, the better. And if the Vatican City State goes down, I don’t think we will miss it. Maybe then the bishop of Rome can become a pilgrim in service to the people of God, instead of the head of state, law giver and tax collector. Truth telling about what is going on is essential to this time of transformation; lies are the energy that puts obstacles in the way.

Added: November 4, 2012

Great to see men evaluating their systems of authority. Struggling to get my head around the language of democratic reform within a context that excludes 50 percent of Baptized people from all but tokenistic participation in decision making. I have daughters and a son. I believe both are made in the image and likeness of God. How can we speak of ‘wholeness’,’communion’ and being part of ‘one body’ in the face of such power imbalance and exclusion? I guess institutional change takes a long time. I’m not planning on waiting around. Better to hold our own authority in small ways that are consistent with Gospel values than collude in the abuse of power.

Added: November 2, 2012

As a start can we get rid of the word “men” in the new Nicene Creed we are now reciting at Mass. What is wrong with “for us and our salvation”. Take you ball point pen and cross the word out each week!

Added: October 28, 2012

The storm has abated
The night is on the water
a titanic gloom settles;
Peter’s barque is holed below the waterline
Diagnosis; internal combustion of the hierarchy.
Fueled by fear, secrecy and a culture of control
the din of dogma and deafness to the voice of the master.
Quietly the spirit whispers in the darkness
“Whatever you did to my little ones you did it to me
Better to have a millstone around the neck and be cast into the sea”.Those who can, take to the lifeboats
Constructed from the stuff of their soul
Others cling to the vessel’s wreckage
The sound of ritual and empty rhetoric carries on the wind
We wait and hope and trust that the dawn will reveal the shore
And light up our pilgrim path once more…
©Angela Postle 8 Sept 2010
Dedicated to Ruth